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I have been an angler for 50 years or more. I started, like most of us fishing with simple gear for Tench,and anything else, in small lakes , ponds and gravel pits. I remember with pride in my first cane rod purchased in the early 60’s. By the late 60’s I had bought my first centre pin reel, a match aerial and discovered river fishing. The love of rivers has never left me.

I never fish in commercials or other stocked waters and only fish on rare occasions for river carp, preferring to float fish with the pin for Roach and Chub. For the Barbel I will roll meat or ledger with perhaps pellet and on some occasions float fish.

Over the last few years I have worked with Garry Mills to produce a few Centre Pin reels under the Perfection banner, and it is to this end that I have decided to create Perfection-Angling.

Although the love of a good cane rod gives me so much pleasure I am not a diehard traditionalist and will more often than not use Carbon rods, especially when fishing fine and far off .

From time to time I do get some very fine cane rods and will offer these for sale as and when.