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I have been asked what is my policy regarding serial numbers  I will Clarify the situation so that all customers both old and new are aware of the situation

The Perfection series reels

As has always been the case in the Perfection Series Reels. Customers who wish to retain their serial numbers will always be able to do so. I will contact all customers of the last issued model  to see if they wish to continue with the next reel. At the present moment the last model was the Broadlands Perfection and the next model will be the Perfection Classic T7 . I will always hold on to a serial number for a customer in the event of the availability of the new reel is not at a convenient time for the customer.Only when all customers have had the opportunity to reserve their serial number will any remaining reels be offered for sale to new customers on a first come first served basis.

Please Note.

Buying a used  Perfection serial reel does not entitle the the new owner to claim that serial number.

If anyone needs further clarification or any other questions I can be contacted directly on the following Telephone numbers .

Tel land line: 02380 736208

Tel mobile: 07587185885