Perfection  Angling

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Reel size. 4 1/2”

Spool width. 1”

18 line Lays enlarged thickness for heavy duty lines etc.

Increased depth of line lays

Special adjustable Ratchet system as on the Kennet Perfection

Click in Line guard as all Perfection series Reels.

Twin white enlarged handles

Polished spool rim and inner rim.

25 reels only Anodised in Graphite. There may be a further run of 25 reels in an alternative colour at a much later date.  


Royalty Perfection

This reel is primarily designed as a big fish reel , Barbel, Pike, Carp,Salmon and monster Chub .

Thanks to Jason Lewis owner of the Royalty fisheries who gave his blessing to use the name “Royalty Perfection” for this reel. As Usual serial numbers for this reel will be offered to collectors of the Perfection series reels before releasing unused serial numbers to new customers.

Click here to see images of the Prototype reel